Welcome to Torch Music Productions, home of the most competitively priced CD CDsDVD and recently VINYL manufacturing and duplication packages in the UK and Europe! No frills, bells or whistles... just the best deals around. Whether you’re looking for 5,000 CDs to launch an artist’s new release, need 100 fast turnaround discs for an imminent gig or promotion, or require a quality DVD presentation, we will deliver both cheap and fast. 

microphoneWe also have TWO professional recording facilities out here in leafy Berkshire, and so can also offer a complete in house production service that includes recording, mixing, mastering and editing of your production, with all the cost benefits and convenience that a ‘one stop shop’ can provide…we have engineers and producers who can help you get the most out of your music before your CDs are made…and if you need artwork creation or editing as well, our graphic design team will be happy to assist you in ensuring that your product looks as striking as the content within.

CD coverAll our CD, Vinyl and DVD pressings are manufactured in the UK and France at the biggest and most reputable pressing plants. This means of course that quality control is something that is always uppermost in our minds. We guarantee you will get a great deal with us, but you can also be rest assured that we will always endeavour to trim our prices, but never the quality.

CDOur recording and mastering studios, both situated close to the M4, M3 and M25 in Ascot and Hurst, Berkshire, have been set up to compliment each other. At Hurst, we have a roomy and spacious track laying facility that will easily accommodate up to 8 or more musicians playing together in comfort. At Ascot, we have a smaller studio perfectly suited to mixing, mastering and general post production, as well as offering a modest overdub room for final additions prior to mixing.

DVD manufactureWith years of experience in disc pressing, duplication and recording services, we are dedicated to providing the highest service levels, ensuring you get the best help and advice in all aspects of CD, Vinyl and DVD production... and because we have a music industry background, we understand most of the issues and problems that can crop up along the way…and are usually ready to solve them!

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